Audio/Visual Conferencing

Polycom® RealPresence® Group 700

Video collaboration is mission-critical for productive and efficient meetings when everyone can’t be in the same location. In many environments getting the most out of video meetings requires multiple displays, flexible audio configurations, and the ability to easily switch between many content sources. The Polycom® RealPresence® Group 700 is the ideal solution for meetings that require the best performance and flexibility, from boardrooms to large lecture halls.

RealPresence® Group 700 as well as RealPresence® Group 500 is fully standards-based; able to connect to millions of other standards-based video systems in use today. native interoperability with leading unified communications (UC) platforms means that video now easily integrates with the way you already communicate without adding expensive and complex gateways. The RealPresence® Group Series also offers Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP) support for direct connection to non-standards-based Cisco environments. Polycom®’s unique interoperable SVC architecture is the first to provide video calling between both existing video systems and new SVC systems. This unique approach delivers unmatched investment protection and avoids “video islands” that lock you into calling other like systems.


SoundStation2 is a perfect entry level conference telephone for your business, suitable for use in small to medium-sized conference rooms and offices.

SoundStation2 features Acoustic Clarity Technology; Polycom’s legendary technology that automatically allows people on both sides of the call to speak at the same time.

(Also available without LCD)

Polycom SoundStation2W

The Polycom SoundStation2W DECT 6.0 wireless conference offers superb voice quality and the freedom to conference anywhere team collaboration is required. This wireless conference phone used DET 6.0 technology for maximum voice security and the clearest voice reception.

(Expandable options available)

iPECS Act-50

Advanced full-duplex speakerphone for enterprises with Ericsson-LG iPECS series:
  • 16 arrayed microphones with high voice capturing capability
  • 4 speakers with high voice reproduction capability
  • High-performance adaptive echo canceller by Yamaha
  • Wideband voice codec technology for high fidelity audio (G.722)
  • Makes your voice conference “easy to talk” and “easy to hear”.

BenQ DLP®Projectors Long-Lasting Image Perfection with DLP Technology

Timeless Image Quality

BenQ DLP® Projectors are built with enduring enjoyment in mind, ensuring razor-sharp clarity, ultra-readability and true-to-life color for years to come. We use leading-edge DLP Technology to reflect pure light from millions of micro mirrors on a DMD chip through our advanced color wheels. Since the mirrors are colorless and protected within a nearly-sealed engine, BenQ DLP® Projectors have no aging problems and are virtually immune to image decay, consistently delivering picture excellence time and time again. In fact, after 2,000 hours of intense usage, inserting a new bulb produces image quality comparable to a brand-new projector.


Playback the last 60 years of music and motion picture recording and one name stands alone: JBL Professional. Before THX® and Dolby®, before stereo and even hi-fi, there was JBL. Today, you’ll hear JBL Pro sound in 70 percent of all professional venues, including legendary recording studios, famous concert halls and premier movie houses around the world.

Throughout those 60 years of technical breakthroughs, award winning designs and continuing innovations the facts still remain: JBL loudspeakers continue to be the one benchmark for quality, the singular reference for accuracy in the playback of recorded sound; the leader, the innovator, the authority.

Atlas Sound

Atlas Sound offers several different amplifier sales to meet the needs of any installation. Power and mixer amplifiers are available with an array of features that allow integrators great installation flexibility in multiple use formats. Whether delivering background music, paging, white/pink noise, or other sources Atlas amplifiers can be counted on for their performance and reliability.

Atlas additionally offers a unique multi-channel mainframe amplifier that allows for the addition of up to 6 amplifier channels in both 4(omega)/8(omega) or 70.7V operation up to 250 watts per channel. This unique F6-MF is only 2RU tall and fits in any standard equipment rack. Atlas is also a world leader in sound masking/speech privacy solutions including amplifiers that offer integrated white and pink noise generators and network connectivity where needed.

Finally, the full line of Time Saving Device amplifiers offer multiple power and mixer configurations that can be added into jobs when necessary or used with smaller jobs where higher power requirements are not necessary.