Door Access Security Systems

Analog & IP

IP based, programmable, easy to use remote account manager software is included with the system. Flexible systems provides access control via proximity cards, transmitters, and pin codes.

The Paxton team are experts in the design and manufacture of systems that are simple to use, simple to install and simple to maintain. We specialize in affordable standalone and networked access control systems, as well as audio/video intercom solutions.

Paxton has developed an amazing range of security products that includes TCP/IP, wireless, and battery powered door controllers for PC based systems. We create products based upon a single door philosophy which makes it simple to quote and specify. This philosophy works alongside our modular approach to access control. Our product range allows a customer to add extra doors and extra security products as and when required, maximizing their overall investment and budget. This means we can offer products and services tailored specifically to their plans.

Keri provides systems from single door to Enterprise-class and all types in between. With 20 years of history and a product line that has integration with badging, video, telephone entry, and biometrics, and a system architecture that is built for today’s and tomorrow’s security and IT environments, Keri provides cost-effective, sophisticated systems for all types of customers. Just a few reasons to choose Keri.