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Choice Communications installs and services computer network cabling and equipment.

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Choice Communications provides network cabling that reboots your company’s technological prowess.

We can design, install, test, certify, and document your Local Area Network (LAN). We also install, test, and certify indoor and outdoor fiber optic cabling. We supply every customer with complete documentation.

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What We Offer

  • Fiber Optic
    • Multi-Mode
    • Single-Mode
  • CAT 6
  • CAT 5e
  • Data Certification
  • Coax
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Ethernet

Testing & Certification

Testing and Certification is standard procedure with all our copper and fiber installations. We supply you with a certification report when install is complete.

Why install fiber optics on your property or in your business? There are numerous reasons for deploying fiber optics.

Distance is a major concern. Standard copper cabling can only be run 100 meters (328 feet) for data or CATV applications. Fiber optics can be deployed at much greater distances, 550 meters (1804 feet) for multi-mode and 5 kilometers (16,404 feet or 3.1 miles) for single-mode. Fiber optic cabling provides higher bandwidth than standard category 5, 5e or 6.

Lightning damage is another concern. Since fiber optics do not use any conductive components there is no danger of lightning damage. This protects valuable electronic components.

Choice specializes in installing and maintaining fiber optic networks. We have certified technicians on staff that know how to deploy a seamless fiber optic network that will meet your needs today and far into the future. Corning is one of our primary suppliers for fiber optic equipment. We will install all the media converters and switches for a truly plug and play installation.

Corning Optical Fiber offers a full portfolio of fiber products to meet the demands of different network applications, spanning from the desktop to the ocean. Everywhere you look, you'll find our fiber solutions at work.

OCC has earned a reputation as an industry leader, an innovator, and a designer of some of the highest-performing cabling and connectivity products available. For years, OCC has been internationally recognized for pioneering the design and production of fiber optic cables. Today, OCC is internationally recognized as a leader in engineering and manufacturing a complete line of top-tier cabling and connectivity solutions, including products and solutions suitable for the most demanding applications.

ICC products are consistently rated higher in performance and overall value by industry installers. Our stringent quality control procedures assure that ICC products have been inspected and/or tested to comply with strict FCC, TIA/EIA, and UL standards. The comprehensive ICC warranty programs confirm that we stand proudly behind our products and our products meet or exceed industry standards such as UL, CSA and TIA/EIA. ICC is a proud member of BICSI and TIA/EIA.

Our research and development engineers are at the leading edge of the rapidly changing technology, and continue developing applications, procedures, and products to provide flexibility and convenience for our customers. As a result of this unceasing pursuit to exceed customer expectations, ICC products have emerged as "the tool of the trade" throughout the industry by supplying superior performance at extremely competitive prices.

ICC has become a highly respected manufacturer of innovative products, by providing peak performance and intelligent solutions to the telecom industry. Throughout the industry ICC is acclaimed as a preeminent source for developing imaginative, precision products engineered to enhance productivity, provide superior quality, and increase efficiency.

Belden Inc. is an American manufacturer of networking, connectivity, and cable products. The company designs, manufacturers, and markets signal transmission products for demanding applications. These products serve the industrial automation, enterprise, security, transportation, infrastructure, and residential markets. Belden is one of the largest U.S.-based manufacturers of high-speed electronic cables primarily used in industrial, enterprise, and broadcast markets.

In North America, we also participate in the telecommunications industry through our Communications Cable business segment. Superior Essex is the industry leader in outside plant copper communications wire and cable products, which are used for voice and data transmission and are installed outdoors. We also manufacture and supply fiber optic cables and premises copper cables, which are installed within houses and offices. These fiber and copper cable products are used in communications applications such as interconnecting campuses, businesses, and communities.

Why tie your buildings together with burial or aerial cable? There are numerous reasons for deploying aerial and/or burial cable on your premises.

Share resources across all buildings: You can install a telephone system and be able to call all remote buildings without using a telephone line. You can intercom hands free and page to another building just like they were in the next room.

Share the internet connection to all locations on your property: Instead of getting a DSL or cable modem (and bill) for each building, you can share the connection to all remote buildings and only have a single bill.